Design beyond expectations

Zephyr firmly believes that every detail in our home is an opportunity to express our passion and creativity. For over 25 years, the company has set the industry standard by combining superior performance and elegant designs.

In partnership with renowned designers such as Fu-Tung Cheng and Robert Brunner, Zephyr continues to create collections that are not merely focused on design, but also on the latest technologies and innovations.

Our collections

Designer Core Pro

Designer Collection

A proven and timeless design

At Zephyr, great design means nothing unless it precisely responds to your needs. Each hood is carefully thought out and meticulously constructed for use in your daily life.

Through its partnerships with famous designers, Zephyr has crafted a visionary collection boasting contemporary lines, natural artistic expression and powerful performance.

  • Wall
  • Island
  • Ceiling

Core Collection

Classic and stylish

With Zephyr, you can enhance your kitchen with style.

The timeless classics of the Core Collection offer the perfect combination of performance and design to subtly elevate your kitchen from nice to fantastic!

  • Undercabinet
  • Wall
  • Island
  • Inserts

PRO Collection

The ultimate in power and performance

The Pro Collection hoods are built to meet the most demanding ventilation needs.

Designed and developed with power, size and performance, the Pro Collection hoods combine technology and power to transform life’s little pleasures into great moments.

Collection Pro

Une élégance taillée pour la performance

La collection Pro vous offre des hottes de tailles afin de répondre aux besoins de ventilation les plus exigeants.

Pensées pour une expérience optimale et développées pour la rendre encore meilleure, les hottes Pro allient technologie et savoir-faire afin de transformer les petits plaisirs de la vie en grands moments.


  • Ajustement et finition de qualité supérieure
  • Technologie innovante
  • Fonctionnement silencieux
  • S’adapte à la plus large gamme de hauteurs de plafond de l’industrie
  • Installation facile
  • Télécommande sans fil conforme à l’ADA (standard ou en option)
  • Extension de couvercle de conduit en option pour tous les modèles de cheminée
  • Wall
  • Inserts
  • Undercabinet
  • Island
  • Outdoor

Technology and Innovation at your fingertips

Take control of your hood remotely by easily connecting with your mobile devices or smart speakers.

This exclusive application lets you know the status of your hood in real time and allows you to modify its speed, lighting and more. It also conveniently offers you important information and notifications.

Zephyr Connect

25,000-hour lifespan, first dimmable LED lights in the market, 3000K natural colour output, Integrated into more and more Zephyr products.

LumiLight LED Lights

Designed to give you best-in-class performance with unparalleled quiet operation, inspired by 3-phase AC power.

This technology allows for a dual internal blower to achieve 1,300 CFM, making it the most powerful internal blower in the industry.

PowerWaveTM Blower Technology

With this patented innovation, Zephyr offers you the flexibility to limit CFM levels in the hood to 590, 390 or 290 CFM, depending on makeup air requirements and local building codes.

Airflow Control TechnologyTM (ACTTM)

Why choose Zephyr

This exclusive and innovative concept allows you to quickly and easily install your kitchen island hood in 3 easy steps.

A quick-locking motion enables you to assemble the frame, lift the hood and lock it into place using an ingenious magnetic mechanism. What used to take 3+ people to install now only takes 2!

Zephyr ventilation products can go as low as 0.5 sones, the same sound level as a soft whisper. Or as low as 1 sone, same as a refrigerator hum.

One of the best warranties in the industry, covering you for several years!

With the Zephyr Kitchen Experience app, you can explore and interact with various Zephyr range hoods and virtually place it in its rightful space in your kitchen. Why imagine it when you can see it right on your mobile device!

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