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Founded in 1955, Italian company Faber has become a world leader in the arena of range hoods.

To achieve its exceptional level of quality, the group makes considerable investments, unequalled by its peers.

Faber remains a pioneer and innovator in terms of product research, automated production facilities, technology and IT.

This allows the company to create hoods that meet changing market demands for air quality and home safety, and ensures its status as one of the world’s foremost range hood manufacturers.

This is what makes Faber one of the most celebrated and important manufacturers in the kitchen hoods sector, on a global scale.

Main Features and Benefits

Faber strives to improve the air quality in your kitchen so you can finally breathe in deeply, safely and confidently.

An Air of Quality

Since 1955, Faber has been manufacturing high-quality kitchen hoods, perpetuating the greatest tradition in Italian design. In fact, one out of every two hoods in Italy is a Faber hood.

Italian Heritage

Faber is inspired by everyday trends to enhance the lives of its customers. The beauty and performance of your hood will offer you new levels of comfort and satisfaction.

Performance that Provides Comfort

  • Wall
  • Island and Ceiling
  • Built-in
  • Pro and Under-Cabinet
  • Integrated
  • Downdraft
  • Iconic

Technology and innovation
at the service of comfort

Why Choose Faber

Faber products are forever faithful to the principles of design and functionality – while emphasizing quality, efficiency and operational safety, of course.

With operations spanning across 3 continents and 8 countries, headquartered in Italy, the company complies with the strictest quality standards and controls.

Enjoy seamless, one-piece stainless steel surfaces with a sleek, smooth finish.

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