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Falmec creates hoods that have the perfect balance between aesthetic and function.

Its constant pursuit of excellence is driven by the outstanding expertise and dedication that have characterized the company since its founding more than 40 years ago, and continues to this day with 100% of its hoods made in Vittorio Veneto, Italy.

Thanks to research and partnerships with leading designers, Falmec gives life to products that balances elegance, attention to details and ergonomics, without compromising functionality.

Our collections

Silence - NRS Potenza Built-in Design Technologie Circle.Tech Professionnal Outdoor

NRS Silence Collection

Finally, a quiet hood

Silence is golden. With innovative Noise Reduction SystemTM (NRSTM) technology, Falmec has achieved the feat of creating a hood that combines high performance and comfort, with up to 86% reduction in sound levels.

NRS technology allows you to cook, work, talk and listen to music without hearing the typical noise of a kitchen hood – and all while benefiting from the best results in removal of cooking fumes.

  • Silence NRS

Potenza Collection

Great value and performance

Treat yourself to exceptional value and powerful performance with the Potenza Collection.

Falmec Potenza collection features superb performance and flexible value to meet your unique ventilation needs.

These hoods embody the classic characteristics of Italian design.

  • Potenza

Built-in Collection

Integrated flexibility in design and performance

The Falmec Built-in collection offers flexibility of design while optimizing space in the kitchen.

The built-in hood integrates seamlessly into the kitchen cabinetry, virtually disappearing into the overall design of the kitchen.

With a wide variety of styles, sizes and performance, you could never go wrong with a Falmec built-in hood.

  • Built-in

Design Collection

Award-winning designs with innovative technologies

Falmec's Design Collection offers unique creativity and excellent performance in all their thoughtfully designed hoods.

Through its exhaustive research and innovation, Falmec has been able to deliver exceptional products with award-winning designs and uncompromising performance that will surely make a statement in any kitchen.

  • Design

Circle.Tech Collection

Kitchen ventilation has come full circle

Falmec's Circle.Tech technology filters horizontally rather than vertically, offering maximum efficiency with minimal use of space.

Circle represents symmetry, perfect wholeness and harmony. The balanced distribution of outflowing air helps achieve excellent suction performance, top filtering results and whisper-quietness, improving life spent in the kitchen.

  • Circle.Tech

Professional Collection

Perfect harmony of power and beauty

High performance is no longer reserved for haute cuisine. Discover Falmec Professional Collection of hoods, equipped with powerful 600 to 1000 CFM fans, super-efficient pro baffle filtration systems, as well as grease and smoke collectors.

A combination of features usually found in restaurants and other commercial applications, now created for your home.

  • Professional

Outdoor Collection

Professional Powerful Performance

Falmec Outdoor hood is the answer to your ventilation needs for your outdoor kitchen. Equipped with powerful blowers, 304-grade stainless steel, professional baffle filters, and maximum capture area, it guarantees maximum extraction performance and will weather the harsh outdoor climate.

  • Outdoor

Technology and Innovation
at your fingertips

Noise Reduction SystemTM (NRS) technology reduces the sound coming from the hood by up to 86%.

An Unimaginable Silence

Carbon.Zeo filters combine carbon and zeolite mineral for impeccable filtration and purification.

High-Efficiency Carbon Filter

A special honeycomb structure within the metal filters allowing air extraction to be redistributed evenly over the filter surface.

Airfalmec Balanced Filter System

The Speed Reduction System (SRSTM) allows you to reduce the CFM level in the hood in accordance with makeup air requirements and local building codes.


Why Choose Falmec

With its investments in research and innovation, Falmec has several patents enabling it to offer ever more efficient and powerful hoods.

Falmec has always collaborated with designers, both emerging and experienced, to create its unique product lines.

These partnerships guarantee the launch of heavenly hoods that are functional and well-designed to improve your quality of life.

From initial design to the finished product, all of Falmec’s creations are manufactured using a multi-step process that takes place entirely on-site in "stainless steel valley", located near Venice.

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