Design beyond expectations

Falmec creates hoods with high added value, backed by its own authentic corporate values.

Its constant pursuit of excellence is driven by the outstanding expertise and dedication that have characterized the company since its founding.

Falmec has a passion for a job well done, uniquely specializing in range hoods with 100% Italian manufacturing. Its ingenuity and obsession for quality, down to the smallest of details, produce not only innovations but solutions as well.

Falmec hoods represent the finest in terms of functionality, performance and durability.

The company’s product line guarantees clean air quality and a perfectly purified environment free of odours and fumes.

A Falmec hood brings refined design and beautiful harmony to your kitchen, inspired by the most elegant and contemporary trends.

Main Features and Benefits

Falmec delivers strong added value. Thanks to the company’s cutting-edge research, production flexibility, development of new technologies and creative originality, a Falmec hood delivers innovation at its finest.

Innovation is in the air

Fully manufactured in Italy according to traditional rules, Falmec offers an absolute guarantee covering design, production and choice of materials.

Italian Quality

Falmec possesses technological mastery that is as exclusive as it is exceptional.

Their hoods will completely satisfy your senses. Smell: thanks to their powerful evacuation of cooking odours and fumes. Sight: due to their refined, elegant design. Touch: because of their quality materials. And of course, sound: thanks to their virtually silent operation.

The Perfect Romance between Technology and Design

  • NRS Silence
  • Design
  • Potenza
  • Professional

Technology and innovation
at the service of comfort

A special decreasing honeycomb structure within metal filters allowing air extraction to be redistributed evenly over the filter surface.

Airfalmec Balanced Filter System

Carbon.Zeo filters combine carbon and zeolite mineral for impeccable filtration and purification.

High-Efficiency Carbon Filter

Noise Reduction SystemTM (NRS) technology reduces sounds coming from the hood by 86%.

Superlative Silence

The Speed Reduction System (SRS™) allows you to reduce the CFM level in the hood in accordance with makeup air requirements and local building codes.


Why Choose Falmec

With its investments in research and innovation, Falmec has several patents enabling it to offer ever more efficient and powerful hoods.

Falmec has always collaborated with designers, both emerging and experienced, to create its unique product lines.

These partnerships guarantee the launch of heavenly hoods that are functional and well-designed to improve your quality of life.

From initial design to finished product, all of Falmec’s creations are manufactured using a multi-step process that takes place entirely on-site in "stainless steel valley", located near Venice.

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